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XORN stake pool is part of the  Cardano decentralised blockchain project.

We provide High Availability Clusters & super-fast file system to ensure the best staking odds

XORN promotes financial democratisation through its staking pool

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Don’t be fooled by low rate tickers and promises!

High availability and fast file system are the most important elements to produce a block and be awarded ADA

You only contribute the minimum ₳340 of the rewarded ADA if the pool is the first to produce the block. 

You should stake your ADA with the stake pool with the fastest file filesystem and higher availability. It's all about being FIRST !


Ouroboros divides time into epochs. Each Cardano epoch consists of a number of slots, where each slot lasts for one second. In any slot, zero or more block-producing nodes might be nominated to be the slot leader, and the fastest node will be the one rewarded for producing the block. The key is to be the first block producing node. The fastest the file system, the highest availability, the higher are odds to be first!

Your chances to be rewarded new coins, to create new blocks, are directly correlated with the speed of the file system.


At XOR-NAND we are using the world fastest shared parallel file system. Our file system delivers lightning-fast performance and endless scalability, shattering all barriers that hold back breakthrough innovations with speed in excess of 10,000 MB/Sec

High Availability, limitless scale and lighting fast file system means higher chances to be rewarded new ADA.

Your chances to be rewarded new coins, to create new blocks, are directly correlated with the speed of the file system.

As you can see in the image below, during epoch 215,  XORN was faster to mint block 4651042 and the other stake pool lost the block as an orphan (In red)

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Home: What We Do
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We are a group of top crypto developers. In our day jobs we are active part of the DeFi crypto ecosystem in London, Tel-Aviv and New York startup scene. We are committed to change the DNA of the global financial system from within. 

We work with the Ouroboros algorithm on a daily basis, harvesting blockchain knowhow to develop the next level financial services infrastructure.


We invested hard-earned cash to build super-fast Cardano stake-pool infrastructure.

We are here to create a new and fairer financial services infrastructure that belongs to the many and not the few.


Come stake your ADA with us - join us in the democratisation project.


Say enough to the Bankers, build a fairer financial services system.

Home: Who We Are
Everything You Need to Know About ADA Returns
Key Points
  • Cardano users earn on average  5.4% per year by staking ADA

  • To stake your ADA you can join an existing pool

  • Cardano's staking model is designed to avoid centralization

Cardano has launched its Shelley upgrade, which introduces staking rewards for users who hold the ADA cryptocurrency. Here’s what you can expect from Cardano’s staking features.

The Basics of Cardano Staking

If you decide to stake your Cardano (ADA tokens) for a set period of time, you’ll periodically earn a return on your investment. Staking also helps the Cardano network: it is the process by which validators are selected to create a new block and process transactions

Cardano staking operates on a cyclical basis. Rewards are paid out every “epoch,” or every five days. During the network’s initial launch, there will be epochs in which no rewards are paid out.

Cardano addresses have separate keys for spending and staking. This means that if you decide to stake your ADA tokens, they will never leave your wallet. Plus,


Cardano doesn’t require your tokens to be locked in for a term—you can un-stake your tokens at any time. This flexibility sets Cardano apart from its competitors.

If you join a staking pool, you won’t need a constant Internet connection, and you won’t need to monitor your stake 24/7. There is no minimum staking amount on most pools.

You will need to choose a pool that is reliable and has fast shared filesystem.

Once you’ve staked your ADA, you don’t have to do anything at all: rewards are automatically paid out, and there is no need to make a claim. If you do not withdraw your original stake, your ADA will remain staked, and you will continue to earn rewards.

How to Stake your Cardano?

If you have a hardware wallet (such as Ledger Nano X or S)

Login into AdaLite with your Ledger device, once logged in, click on the Staking tab


Then in the Pool input box (the first blue arrow) enter XOR-NAND Pool ID:


Then click Delegate (the second blue arrow)

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